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"Perfect three-minute single. You're going to want this one. Trust me." - Warren Ellis
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"the coolest short film never shown on the IFC or Sundance Channel." - Sequential Tart
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brian talks Megan & women in comics

Here on Venuszine.com:

Do you find writing female characters to be any harder than writing male characters?

Not at all. If anything, I find them easier because I've done more of it. The lead in this one book I'm writing now, called DMZ, is a guy in his early-twenties. It should be a breeze for me to write, but it's often rather difficult. I mean, there isn't a huge difference in writing men and women because, as human beings, we all tend to have the same basic instincts and reactions to things. Sarcasm and joy and anger in a broad sense are totally gender-neutral, and the difference lies in the details, but I always find it easier when it's Megan McKeenan I'm writing.


much more in the link.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

on Local, 2/2/06

One thing that occured to me as I was prepping Local #4 for print is that, unlike Demo, I am consciously considering the collected edition as I write the stories. Demo was deliberatly such a pure single-issue experience, that during the act of creating it I never considered how the stories would sit next to each other, read back to back, without a month's time separating them.

But now that I have the experience of seeing Demo collected all in one book, this is informing how I write Local. Interesting. To me, anyway.


AICN chimed in on Local yesterday, as well as other recent Oni releases:

and yielded this very flattering quote:

"So big ups to Wood and Kelly. They’re working in some kind of magical synchronicity, they’ve got a concept the biz has never seen, and they’re at the forefront of the movement to revitalize the standalone issue in comics (see also, JONAH HEX; FELL). Pretty cool stuff. In fact, at three issues in I’m confident enough in the series to start thinking of it as an early frontrunner for best miniseries of ’06."