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Thursday, December 22, 2005

CJ Christy on LOCAL #2

She likes the mixtapes:

"The music they chose is really great stuff-daily indie viewers would love it. So we chose a song from their playlist to play. We chose the CURE song "Pictures Of You" used in illustrating pages 7-9 within the most recent issue (#2 Minneapolis).

As we played the video, I read along in the comic book. As the lyric "whiter than snow" was sung, I looked at page 8, panel 1 -- and there was the heroine looking out her window at the snow. I freaked out, and muted the video and went on air to describe what had happened. I'm a dork, but it was super awesome. SO if you check out LOCAL and download the songs, I guarantee the experience will be worth it. I seriously heart this comic. PS: How lame is the phrase- "seriously heart"."



At 4:21 AM, Blogger christy said...

ummm...did Brian Wood just write about me writing about him.....I feel like the coolest girl in school right now. Brian Wood I heart you.

So in review, brian writing about christy in the blog and then christy writing about brian writing about christy in the
blog comments = awesome.


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