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Friday, November 18, 2005

my Local - Tina Treason

The Pink Pig rollercoaster sits on top of Lenox Mall. It's one of those wacky, only-in-America local traditions by which I'm both embarrassed and mystified. The ride goes up sometime in November every year--it marks the holiday shopping season. It sits on top of Macy's, in a tent bursting with pink pig merchandise, nostaligic pictures of pink pigs from the past, pink carpet, a christmas tree decorated with pigs. I guess the idea is that people will want to go to the mall even more if it is also an amusement park. Take a break from that hectic shopping and ride the rollercoaster! Entice your kids to come to the mall while you shop for other people!

To me, it seems silly and indulgent and another one of those weird effects of rampant consumerism. But then again, it's only a dollar to ride. And everybody's got to have some local holiday tradition.

--Tina Treason, Atlanta, GA local


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOCAL number FOUR? I'm all over it! I just bought number ONE last week and freakin' LOVED it! Hands down (one of) the best comics I read all year!


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