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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Steve Pheley on Local #1


"...Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s Local, a twelve-parter that’s kinda-sorta-but-not-entirely a followup to Wood’s much-praised Demo. Fans of that series should feel right at home with this debut, but the format of this series – each issue will be self-contained and take place in a different city, but this issue’s protagonist Megan will appear throughout to tie it all together – may please people who prefer a longer narrative with more room to develop the lead character as well.

"...the weak spot would just be that I didn’t really get much of a feeling for this issue’s location (Portland, Oregon), but possibly that’ll work itself out as the series progresses and gives us more to compare it to."


I will interject a little commentary, as that particular criticism has come up a few times. I really don't want LOCAL to be an alienating experience for those poeple who don't live in the cities featured in the stories. I don't want in-jokes or references that would fly over the heads of non-locals. The stories have to be universal, easily understood planet-wide, and the bonus to readers who DO happen to live in these cities will be what I casually refer to as the "oh, shit!" factor: Oh, shit! Look, she's working at Treehouse/Oarfolkjokeopus Records! (Local #2, Minneapolis) I think a degree of detail like that adds a real sense of authenticity to a story.

And on an even more practical tip, I know many of these cities, some more than others, but I am not THAT well traveled that I can write travelogue-style books dedicated to each of them (although I wish I was).



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