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Monday, September 12, 2005

Shelf Life!

James W. Powell previews Local #1:

"I'm one of the unlucky few to have skipped Wood's Demo, choosing to wait for the collected version instead. But I won't be doing that here. Now that I've sampled the goods, I'm hooked. There's no way I'm waiting to expose myself to more of this gripping storytelling...

"Yet the story couldn't be told without the masterful black and white imagery by Ryan Kelly. Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was a master of pulling at an audience's emotions by showing his characters thinking, and Kelly does it masterfully here too. While there is a healthy dose of action and twists, the true heart of this story comes in the girl's emotions and thoughts, which are perfectly conveyed through Kelly's pencils.

"If Wood and Kelly produce 12 issues that equal this one, they'll have a blockbuster on their hands."


Thanks, James!



At 3:59 PM, Anonymous joel said...

blockbuster? hey, listen.. your nothing short of a legend,
thats my opinion.

ive said it before - i'll say it again - your work is an eruption of insparation for me.

i was reading this and it came back to me, the feeling i had when i read my first issue of demo, it was 4, stand strong, it was bold, subtle and made me reconsider the very way in which i looked at life. if not reconsider it reasured.

a truely important cause.

did i mention ive booked all 12?


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