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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

my Local - Shelby Cinca

Black Cat Club opened in 1994 (or maybe it was 1993).. I was in High School and I saw the first show at the club... a little-known Dischord band called Severin and some other bands I don't remember. It was quite the solace as one took the "big" trek from my hometown suburb of Springfield, VA into the big city to get some good music and feel at place in the world. The 'burb I was from was what one may call "home" but in the strange netherworld sense that most suburbs with maybe one hangout that is open late at night is. Most times were spent in a friend's basement listening to records or dreaming about some other land or looking at Encylopedias. Being local in the Washington, DC area is basically being metro-accessible into DC which extended even into the most phantom-like and twilight zone like 'burbs in this weird transient city and it's surrounding tendrils.

- Shelby Cinca, Washington DC
The Cassettes frontman


At 4:48 PM, Blogger punkbrg said...

I grew up in DC so it’s always good to hear about a band like The Cassettes, which comes straight from my heart. Not only this but they happen to have a deep affection for my homeland country of Bolivia, oddly enough, almost randomly because most people have never heard of this country, or think it somewhere in Europe (its in South America)! They just appreciate this country not because they are from there, they may not have even been there, but like their new album they attempt to be a little different, and they are definitely not afraid to toy with the unexplored. I think that if you have an appreciation for folksy, rock and special sounds you will definitely appreciate ‘Neath the pail moon


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