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"Perfect three-minute single. You're going to want this one. Trust me." - Warren Ellis
"Some of the sharpest slices of life the medium has ever seen. Highly recommended." - Brian K. Vaughan
"a rare and enviable thing... painfully easy to enjoy."- Gail Simone
"the coolest short film never shown on the IFC or Sundance Channel." - Sequential Tart
"best of 2005" - The Daily Oklahoman

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mike Sterling

Progressive Ruin:

"Anyway, from my brief glances at other people's reviews (which I'd been trying to avoid as so not to spoil anything for myself), most everyone is recommending this to the folks that read and enjoyed the excellent Demo, Wood's prior project. I can't disagree...like most issues of Demo, Local has a gimmick driving the story, but the gimmick is there to teach us more about the characters involved, to bring emotional depth rather than some improbable plot contrivance.

"It's involving and it's beautifully drawn, and it sticks with you after you've read it. That's a good way to spend three bucks..."



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