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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Brian Wood/Local interview on Newsarama

"My only criteria was to get away from the larger cities I always set stories in, like New York City, and other places commonly seen in comics like Los Angeles or San Francisco or Washington, DC. I noticed that with Demo, when I would create these settings for the stories, in my notes to Becky [Cloonan, artist/co-creator of Demo] I was always naming certain places as reference, even though in the final product the locations would be generic. I would write something like "a small college town, similar to Boston's Jamaica Plain", or "a modern upper middle class suburb in the southwest - google Scottsdale for ref". Why not just go the extra step and actually use these locations? It would add a whole other layer of detail and authenticity.

"Picking them was easy. In fact, I have a list of about 30 locations that I need to edit down to the final twelve. I wanted them to be small, but vibrant, with college scenes and good indie comic shops. I wanted to make sure that locals would actually be reading Local."

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